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Michael Whelehan, Director at Breathe Hypnotherapy

Quit Smoking in Melbourne

Quit in 60 Minutes with Breathe Hypnotherapy. After thousands of case studies and successful patients, we know we can get you to quit smoking in 60 minutes.

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Michael and our team at Breathe Hypnotherapy have clinics in Melbourne, Brunswick East and Mornington.

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How Can We Guarantee You'll Quit?


It's not just possible, it's virtually certain.

Providing, of course, that you want to quit smoking.  If you do not want to quit, we can't help you.

We only work with individuals who are absolutely ready to quit. If you are not ready, nothing will work for you long term.

If you are ready, this can be the easiest thing in the world for you.

Our guarantee is that if you take up smoking again at any time after your one hour session, follow up coaching is absolutely free. 

You know those strong cravings you've had in the past when you tried to quit smoking? Like most people, you probably thought they were physical chemical cravings. But I'm going to prove to you - by removing all your cravings in one hour - that they were just mental habits that made it seem like you couldn't live without the feel, taste, and social aspects of smoking.

You need to know this… The conventional wisdom that you must have "withdrawal from nicotine symptoms" is a myth you've been sold by the cigarette companies - and even more by people who want you to spend hundreds on their patches, gums, pills, herbal remedies, or therapy.

Believe it! They have a vested interest in your having felt helplessly addicted.

It's not like this when you come to our hypnotherapy session. In one hour those feelings, attitudes and habits are going to change, amazingly with no effort at all!

Don't take our word for it; you can see from our 120 + five star reviews that, with our system, quitting smoking becomes easy!

Here's a link to the studies conducted by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information showing clinical success rates for hypnotherapy:


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Frequently Asked Questions

* Disclaimer: Results vary per person, subject to qualifying. We will conduct a free phone interview to determine whether you are really ready to quit smoking, as we can only help those who are genuinely ready. If, in the unlikely event that you do not quit in the first session, follow up sessions are free.   If you take up smoking again at any time in the future, follow up sessions are free.

Smoking Cessation with Hypnotherapy has a clinical success rate of 90.6% as you can see from the research findings from University of Washington School of Medicine, Depts. of Anaesthesiology and Rehabilitation Medicine, Int J Clin Exp Hypn. 2001 Jul;49(3):257-66. Barber J and http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7862796

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